Pure Simple Nutrition – since 2004

We help people improve and maintain their health in the most natural ways.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping millions of people live a better, longer, healthier and happier life through optimal nutrition. We are determined to help resolve nutrition and health challenges. We do this by creating natural health products, providing online nutrition and health education and by partnering with organizations and individuals that work towards food safety and sustainable food systems.

Our Why

We believe

We believe that what we feed our mind and body is central to our health. When optimal nutrition is consumed, the body and the mind have the ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

Throughout life, nutritional needs change and having access to nutrition and food education that can impact our life allows us to make the best choices for preserving our health.

We also believe everyone has the right to safe, healthy food regardless of income and helping to build healthy, just, and sustainable food systems can make this goal a reality.

We are motivated by

We are motivated by the desire to live a long, healthy, happy life and to help others do the same.

The way food is harvested and distributed not only impacts our health, but also impacts the health of our planet. We want to help transform global food safety and education, so that everyone can have access to safe, nourishing food.

We want to leave a legacy for future generations : healthier food environments, safe sustainable food systems that support the quality of the land, air and water, as well as the food economy.

How we fulfill Why

How we take action

We make sure that all are products undergo an evaluation for safety, efficacy and quality and obtain a product license before market authorization. Our product health claims are supported by evidence.

We work closely with medical and educational institutions and associations. We choose our partners very carefully and according to their unique strengths and expertise. We make sure the information we provide is validated and authentic before making it available to the public.

Through conferences, round-tables, articles and donations, we support organizations and individuals engaged in the transformation of policies and projects that protect our most precious resources: food and water.

What we do

At Pure Simple Nutrition, we create unique natural liquid collagen formulas that we make available directly to consumers.

We provide health care practitioners and organizations with more than 60 different medicinal plants that are authorized for therapeutic usages, such as alleviating specific symptoms and restoring health.

We provide health and nutrition education that help people better care for themselves and more easily bounce back from stressful situations.

We partner with organizations and individuals that work towards food safety and sustainable food systems.

Who we support

Food Secure Canada

We are members of Food Secure Canada, a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty.

From expanding and strengthening school food programs to making fresh food more accessible to northern communities, to facilitating public policy changes towards market sustainability, we support it. Join us so that the people of today and future generations may live in a healthy body on a healthy planet.

Charity : Water

Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Water nourishes the body, but clean water is needed to sustain life, health and to grow safe foods. Our goal is to fully fund a water project and change lives. Why? Because when a community gets access to clean water, it changes everything : health, sanitation & hygiene, food security, education, women empowerment and economic development.

Our Story

Pure Simple Nutrition was created in 2004, but its’ story begins in the late 1990’s when founder Christine Veer grew concerned for the well-being of her children.

“I wanted my children to have the best nutrition, to be free of disease and prosper. But without real knowledge of what is in our food and with an environment that didn’t really encourage healthy food choices, it was difficult to make the right decisions to maintain optimal health.”

As she searched for the key to optimal health and learned about food systems from farming, to food production, to packaging and distribution, she realized that food was treated as a market commodity rather than a necessity of life. Because some of the practices of the food industry could potentially be detrimental to health and the environment, she felt compelled to share information that was not readily available with as many people as possible.

As an entrepreneur with the strong motivation to help others, her work later led her into a partnership where she created and distributed dietary supplements and to the writing of a publication on foods, the importance of organic farming and engaged people to request the labelling of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

In 2004, with new Canadian regulations requiring licensing of dietary supplements before market authorization, she launched Pure Simple Nutrition. She created natural health products with benefits supported by evidence and continued to provide valuable nutritional information to the public.

After the World Health Organization endorsed the Bone & Joint decade (2000-2010), Christine did extensive research to find natural ways to help alleviate the burden of musculoskeletal conditions and published a booklet that included studies supporting the benefits of collagen as a dietary supplement to help individuals who suffered from these conditions.

Knowing there is an undeniable link between the mind and the body, she furthered her education in the “Revolutionary Practice of Mind Body Medicine” through Harvard School of Medicine and the Henri-Benson Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Over the years, Pure Simple Nutrition grew its product line and catered to a large number of people, health professionals and stores.

“Our goals go beyond offering natural health products. Today the new generation of businesses move beyond the sole purpose of making profit. There’s a conscious realization that for us to live in a healthy world, we need to create businesses that will transform humanity and the planet.”

To help resolve global nutrition challenges, Pure Simple Nutrition now actively contributes to a healthier world through cooperation with organizations and individuals that support causes such as food security, hunger, sustainable food systems and environmental health.