We strive for more than compliance

Transparency and rigorous quality control to ensure product safety and efficacy.

Licenced products backed by evidence

At Pure Simple Nutrition all our products have received a licence authorizing their sale, meaning they have been fully evaluated and approved by Health Canada before reaching the market. Their safety, effectiveness and quality for their intended use has been demonstrated and is supported by strong evidence.

Not only do we comply with Health Canada’s regulation, but we strive to exceed them.

When you buy our products, you can rest assured that you have made a safe and informed choice for your health.


What ensures safety?

Before our products reach the market, they undergo Health Canada’s rigorous evaluation process by a team of scientists and other experts, which scrutinize everything about the product safety from human clinical and scientific data, to how the product behaves in the body and how it is manufactured.

A product is only approved for marketing if it is considered safe in humans for its proposed used. “Safe” in this sense means that the ability of the product to produce a beneficial health outcome, outweigh the risks associated with using it.

So you may make an informed and safe choice before using our product, we recommend you read the product safety information listed on the product label, information leaflet or the product website. Unless otherwise mentioned, there is no known caution, interaction or possible side effect.

Safety is also validated by ingredient and product safety tests that are performed throughout the manufacturing process, including purity tests of the finished product.


What ensures effectiveness?

When taking a product, consumers should expect to experience the beneficial effects for which the product is recommended.

Valid scientific evidence provided during the market approval process supports the health claims our products carry. This means they are recommended for specific usages and have the ability to produce the intended beneficial effects if used in accordance with their recommended conditions of use.

To further support product potency, we test the quantity and stability of our medicinal ingredients before, during and after manufacturing.


What ensures quality?

At Pure Simple Nutrition, quality does not strictly refer to the quality of ingredients. It refers to a set of criteria that follow the product from the choice of its ingredient, to its manufacturing and testing, its packaging and labelling, all the way to the end of its shelf-life.

To ensures regulatory requirements are met, all our products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices. Above this, our quality assurance system provides further confidence that the predetermined standards for quality and safety are met.

Checks are performed during production to ensure that the finished product conforms to its specifications. To verify the quality and integrity of data, we keep appropriate records, conduct inspections and have third party testing done outside our manufacturing facilities.

Transparency at every step and rigorous quality control ensures product safety, efficacy and stability to the end of its shelf-life.